Leave a Legacy

Citizens Advice South Warwickshire is a local charity, that’s why we desperately need your support. As an independent charity we rely on the support of members of the public: people like you. By adding us to your Will you can help secure not just our future, but the future of your community.

None of us can predict what problems our children and grandchildren may face in the future. They might have money difficulties, a relationship breakdown or ill health, or they might have a disability, face a dispute at work or become a victim of discrimination. We are determined to make sure that whatever problems they face in the future, they don’t have to face them alone. You can help us achieve that aim today.

Making or changing a Will is easy, but we do recommend you use a solicitor.

Gifts left to charities in Wills, usually known as legacies, don’t need to be large, and they don’t prevent you from taking care of your family and loved ones. In fact, a legacy to a charity can ease the burden of Inheritance Tax. As we move into the future, legacies are becoming an increasingly vital form of income for all charities, including your local Citizens Advice.

If you have a Will, changing it to include Citizens Advice South Warwickshire is straightforward. If you don’t have a Will, having one written is a lot easier than you think.

If you would like to talk to someone about leaving a legacy to our Citizens Advice, please contact your solicitor or our Chief Executive at ceo@casouthwarwickshire.org.uk, alternatively mail us at:

25 Meer St
CV37 6QB

Alternatively, download a copy of our casw legacy leaflet (PDF, 411KB) for more information.