Left Out in the Cold

Help us get a ‘Better Deal for Prepayment Meter Energy Users’.

Excluded from Government initiatives, ignored by the media and treated as second-class citizens by energy providers, around 5.9 million consumers who pre-pay for their energy usage through Pre-payment Meters (PPM) pay more for their gas and electricity than those on standard credit meters, who are billed after use or pay by direct debit.

Unlike the majority of consumers, PPM users are unable to access the best energy deals or discounts, or lock into Fixed Price Tariffs. This means they are denied the opportunity to cut the cost of the bills (many are regularly putting £50-£60 a week in their meters in the winter months) or protect themselves against the price rises currently being implemented by the major energy providers. An additional barrier prevents low income prepay users from competitive and cheaper tariffs. If they want to move on to a credit meter they may have to pay between £50 and £200, a prohibitive cost for those who are currently living in fuel poverty.

Download a copy of the report ‘Left Out in the Cold – Why prepayment meter users need a better deal’
Left Out in the Cold (PDF, 759KB)
Left Out in the Cold (DOC, 902KB)

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