The Stratford upon Avon and District Citizens Advice Bureau website makes use of several features to ensure that it is accessible to as many people as possible. We will continue to develop the website to include new accessibility features as they become available.

Enlarging text

Modern browsers allow a user to enlarge text using the keyboard or mouse or both. Please find below links to how to do this for today’s popular browsers.

Tab index

The Stratford CAB website uses a tab index. Pressing the tab key highlights links in a logical order. Once a link has been selected, pressing “enter” activates the link.

Visiting the Stratford upon Avon & Leamington office

If you are visiting our offices, our staff will make any reasonable adjustments required to ensure that your visit is as easy as possible.

The stratford office has ground floor meeting rooms and no step to get into. There is a disabled toilet on the premises but this isn’t available for public use. 

The leamington office has 7 steps up to the front door and a lift which will take a motorised wheelchair or scooter, we have two interview rooms that are on the ground floor, the rest are down a flight of stairs.