Advice Trends

We track our advice trends and satisfaction from the people we help to ensure we are offering the right services for our communities. 

Some feedback from the people we helped:

“The help I have received today is absolutely brilliant. Previously I had been so down and worried! So many thanks for all your help and advice -totally uplifting!!!” 
“Really friendly, understanding and helpful. Thank you.”
“Very friendly and helpful service in a relax and calm atmosphere”
“Self help has been very productive”
“Really happy with the service I received today. Staff very helpful and very friendly.”
“Very pleasant lady and very helpful. Excellent Service.”
And scored highly on satisfaction with 87% of those surveyed saying they were “very happy” and 13% “happy” with the service we provided. 97% of people say we made a difference to their lives.
Our latest statistics, impact and activities can be viewed here, in our Annual Impact Report 2022-23
Annual report 2017-18

For the first time in 2017-18, we created a document that looks at Citizens Advice work across the County and compares the need and the support we give split by each individual charity. WCA Annual Review 17-18

The following downloads of annual statistics for the use of the Citizens Advice services in South Warwickshire are available to download:

Advice Trends for areas other than South Warwickshire are available to download from the national Citizens Advice website.