Our Projects

With generous support from local councils, charitable trusts and foundations, we have developed a number of special projects that are helping us to improve our services and ensure that everyone who needs our help can get access to it.

Reach Out and Help 

Helping people in crisis with this innovative, wraparound at home service, we have developed a service that ‘reaches out’ to people living in Stratford on Avon District who are suffering hardship and not getting the help they need to resolve the issues they face.

Find out more about our Stratford District project here: Reach Out and Help – Stratford District

Advice, Action and Empower Warwick

Six week tailored package of support to help people act on advice to become more independent and financially stable.  The support is given to those people with mental health issues, physical disabilities or illness, vulnerabilities and the elderly.

Find out more about our Warwick District project here: Advice, Action and Empower Warwick

Preventing Homelessness

Our Court Desk Service helps residents from Stratford on Avon District who are facing eviction from their homes due to rent or mortgage arrears. We can help negotiate with landlords and lenders, assist in applying for benefits and work out an affordable payment plan as well as represent people at court.

Find our more about our Court Desk Service.

Money Advice

Our specialist money advice teams provide debt advice, casework support and representation for all residents living in South Warwickshire. The work is support by the Money Advice Service in Warwick District and Stratford Town Trust in Stratford Town. In addition, further monies are provided by Orbit Heart of England.

Find out more about our Money Advice service.