Our People

The success of our service is down to the skills and talents of the many volunteers and staff that we employ. Our volunteers alone contribute the equivalent of nearly £1million worth of time each year.

We are structured as follows:

Trustee Board: Our work is overseen by a group of trustees. Our trustees bring a huge range of experience, knowledge and insight to our strategy and decision making. All trustees are volunteers and we are very grateful for their support.

Chair: Irene Stark

Volunteer Team: We are supported by the hard work and talents of over 80 volunteers drawn from the local community. They help in a variety of roles including as advisers, receptionists, specialist caseworkers and in marketing and fundraising. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer please head to https://www.casouthwarwickshire.org.uk/get-involved/volunteer/

Staff Team: We employ a number of paid staff in specialist and outreach advice, administration, fundraising and marketing roles. https://www.casouthwarwickshire.org.uk/about/projects/  All are committed to ensuring that as many people as possible can gain access to our service, whoever they are and whatever the problem. 

Our CEO is Julie Robinson, who has worked for Citizens Advice for 6 years, with over 20 years experience in  leadership in local authority and the charitable sector.

Julie says ‘ I am delighted to be leading change here at Citizens Advice South Warwickshire, ensuring our services are geared up for the ever increasing – and changing – demands placed on us. Every aspect of our service is being reviewed and we are dedicated to seeing more people than ever in this year 2023-2024. I’d like to thank our funders, staff and volunteers, who make all of this possible.’