Change for the better

ChangeX, a new project helping vulnerable adults, was launched in Stratford this week.

Ali Mainey from WCC and Trevor Preston, the founder of ChangeX

Trevor Preston, who started ChangeX, came up with the idea when he realised that many people with mental health problems don’t know about the support and agencies who can help them.  

But by joining sessions where they can meet, chat, buy and exchange CDs and DVDs they can talk about their experiences and get practical help with their issues.

Trevor said: “It’s an easy way to start a conversation with someone when you talk about films and music. So when people are buying or exchanging you can get to know them a little better in a friendly atmosphere“

“Then they can hear about the support on offer, find a buddy if they want one or get help with problems that have been bothering them.“

The project has been funded by Stratford Town Trust  and supported by Warwickshire County Council. Citizens Advice South Warwickshire, who will be one of the agencies on hand to help, supported Trevor supported him with planning and fundraising for ChangeX.

Trevor said: “I’m really grateful for this help.  They have made me believe that I can do this and Ali from Warwickshire County Council is keen to help when we come up with ideas to expand the scheme”

The ChangeX sessions when you can come along to buy, rent or exchange CDs and DVDs will be held on Tuesday mornings in Foundation House, Masons Road and the Ken Kennett Centre, Justins Avenue once it is refurbished later this year. It is open to anyone in the community.