Reach Out to Older People

There is now a dedicated adviser in Stratford District who is there to help the over 65s – Reach Out to Older People. This project, running from 2018 – 2021 to providing information, advice and support for those older people who for reasons of infirmity, disability or isolation aren’t able to access help from our main offices or outreaches.

Spencer Colquitt, our very experienced and dedicated project worker said: “It’s a more holistic approach to people’s problems.  I might begin with a check to see that someone is on the right energy tariff, but with their permission, I can then check that they are getting the benefits they need and help with budget advice.”  

Spencer is visiting all the Senior Citizens Action Network and other community groups in the Stratford District to highlight the service.

If you or someone you know lives in Stratford District, aged 65 or older and needs help, you can call on 01789 2977492 or email

Generously supported by The Henry Smith Charity and Orbit Group

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